Mell Bell 18

          When attending a wedding, what sticks out? Is it the standard beef or fish dinner? Is it the white 4-tier cake or the electric slide dance everyone learns to love? The answer is none of the above. For the New Year what is standing out are the desserts. 2014 is the year of “less is more”. What I mean is that brides all over, from California to Charleston, have been choosing mini desserts at their weddings. This is a drift from the traditional 3 or 4 tier wedding cake we are all too filmier with. Think mini red velvet cupcakes, mini cheesecakes, and mini cookies. This trend is catching on quick. Dessert bars are the most popular trend right now. Having a few smaller cakes is common among these bars surrounded by mini desserts guests can pick on.

          The most memorable part of the night, after guests have been drinking all night, is what happens right before they leave. Why not turn your last few minutes into the most memorable moment, with desserts. Having mini milkshakes passed on a tray or a bag of small cookies as parting gifts for your guests will make a big impression on them. “Oh, that was the wedding where we had mini milkshakes” they’ll say. Trust me, this is bound to make your wedding stand apart from others. The idea of less is more is unique at weddings and most guests haven’t experienced that idea yet. Try this and see the reaction your guest’s give!


113_AschmanBarry464_AschmanBarryWe have been working really hard on Dana and Will’s wedding for June 2014. They recently took some time out to do their engagement pictures with the wonderful Rick Dean of Rick Dean Photography. They all had a really great time exploring fun locations at Middleton Place and downtown Charleston to get these shots. When it comes to your engagement pictures try something fun. Bring a change of outfits. Work in your wedding colors and really spend time getting to know your photographer. I always say that it is important that you feel comfortable with your photographer and your wedding planner because you are going to spend the most time with both of these people throughout your wedding planning.